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Friars Pride's vehicle

“We now run over 20 vehicles with eistechnik, and I can’t see us buying anything different. The eisbox is another fantastic product, and the 4 we’ve just taken delivery of give us tremendous flexibility with our dry freight vehicles.”

Nigel Swepson, Friars Pride

TCR's vehicle

“It is a very easy system to run, there are no complications. Producing no noise when being used is a big bonus too. Fantastic.”

Brian Matthews, TCR Foodservice

Doble's vehicle

“Once you’ve had an eistechnik refrigeration system, you’ll never want anything different!”

Jerry Phillips, Doble Quality Foods

King Brothers' vehicle

“We have been using eutectic beam refrigeration systems for the past 25 years, and had been looking for a modern replacement. The eistechnik system was the natural choice with its well thought out, efficient design, using top quality materials. It delivers us the ultimate in reliable, low running cost, clean, transport cooling.”

David King, King Brothers

New Forest Ice Cream's vehicle

“Having used eistechnik for 3 years now, we have proved beyond doubt that these systems enjoy shorter pull-down times, have greater thermal power, and are also much quieter. Being able to source the refrigeration and bodywork together saves a lot of management time and ensures that the whole package works perfectly.”

Graham Jenman, New Forest Ice Cream

Debriar's vehicle

“Eistechnik is the first eutectic refrigeration system we have used, and we couldn’t be happier. We use it on our longest run, and I’m constantly amazed at the temperature it returns at. It’s a very powerful system.”

Simon Howard, Debriar Ltd.

TOtal Foodservice's vehicle

“Eistechnik systems are much more reliable than others as there is very little to go wrong. We have chill and frozen eisbars in our multi-compartment vehicle, which gives us complete control.”

Simon Howarth, Total Foodservice