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What is eutectic refrigeration?

Eutectic refrigeration is a very simple idea, and is based around the principle of latent heat - a eutectic solution is frozen down to a required temperature, and while it thaws out (known as changing state) gives out energy in the form of cold air, thus refrigerating the area around it.

A common example of this is ice-packs in lunch boxes. The ice-pack is frozen down the night before, and then placed in the lunch box. Throughout the day, it then keeps the lunch box cool by the energy it gives out.

Translated into commercial transport, the principle is still largely the same. While the unit is static (usually at the depot), it is plugged in and frozen down to temperature. Once complete, the unit is simply unplugged, and departs for it’s working operation.

Thereafter, the system requires absolutely no power whilst in operation (and so makes no noise), and the eutectic solution provides the refrigeration power as it very slowly changes state.

Putting that into practice, however, is not as easy as it sounds. Traditionally, the eutectic solution was a liquid, which could therefore leak if it’s container was ever damaged, and can deteriorate with continual use.

Eistechnik instantly cures this by means of the fantastic Barents Gel, a eutectic solution in the form of a semi-solid (gel) which will never leak onto product, and can withstand repeated freeze/thaw cycles.

Secondly, the design of the container the solution is kept in is critically important. Eistechnik has developed the superb new eisbar, optimising both the ability to freeze the solution down, and the surface area for radiation of cold. This makes an eistechnik system much more powerful than anything else available.

So it couldn’t really be simpler - as long as you have the ability to plug the system into mains electricity, you have the ability to use an eistechnik refrigeration system.

Eistechnik, eisbars, Barents1 and Barents3 have Patents Pending and are all Registered Trade Marks.